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Commenting is important in the blogging life. If you are not commenting then, you are missing a lot of things or you are probably a newbie blogger. I am not talking about just commenting on your own blog. You should also comment on other blogs as well. There are many reasons you should comment on other blogs and after all it would not cost you anything and don’t tell me that it is a time waste. Believe me it is worth it. So, here are some reasons why you should comment on other blogs.

1. Build Relationships – When you are a loyal reader of a blog and you comment there often, you are likely to be in that blogger’s eye. So, let’s say its one of the most popular blogger in your niche and you came in his eye because you comment often. Every time you would comment, he would be like “Hey, the same person again”. So, he would come and check out your blog and would probably comment there. WOW! you just…. you just made your blogging star, your reader. Maybe he’ll like the way you blog. This means a lot. That means that maybe he would also allow you to guest post on his blog, if you ask him. And if you got a chance like that you are getting a lot of new audience. That means, more new loyal readers. And remember, you can do it with many other blogs to build new relationships.

2. Build Backlinks – Commenting is also used to build backlinks. If you fill the website field while writing a comment, you are gonna get a backlink from that website. Most of the blogs are nofollow, so you don’t have much chances to increase your backlinks. But still, that does the trick. Commenting is the easiest way to build backlinks.

3. Get Traffic – I just told you that when you type your website’s URL in the website field while commenting you get a backlink. It not only gives you backlinks, it can also give you traffic. Whenever you leave a quality comment and author and the people just love that, they are gonna be like “Hey, this guy seems to be cool, let’s check him out” and they are gonna go to your website and maybe they’ll love it. You got some more readers.

4. Be updated – When you go on other blogs and comment. You can raise questions and answer others questions. This way you can be the part of the community and know what is going on in your industry. You can know about the topic in depth with the help of comment discussion. Comment is the easiest way to stay informed and updated about something.

What are good comments?

It’s not like you have to comment on anyone’s blog and move on. You have to leave an impression. Everyone should notice you. If not everyone, at least the author. Don’t just post a comment saying “Hey, Nice Post.” It seems too unreal. It’s just like you didn’t even read the content and commented. To leave a comment first of all you should read the whole article. Don’t think it is a time waste because you are gonna learn something from that. So, just read the whole thing and go down to the comment section. Put your comment and it should relate to the article, you just read. It’s simple you can give your own opinion, ask questions, answer the questions that others are asking etc. Your comment should be at least 2-3 sentences. Let me show you a good comment that I recently received on my blog. It was on the article “How To Convert Random Visitors Into Subscribers” and the comment was by Reginald.


According to me that is a good comment. He is talking about the topic, he is not just saying “Hey, Nice Post.” If he would have, I would have not given an example of him in this post. So, he actually got a link back to his site from me.


1. Don’t think that posting a comment is just a waste of time. It’s worth it.
2. Comment only on the websites in your niche.
3. Post quality comments. Give your own opinion, ask questions etc.
4. You would get to know more by commenting

So, what are some other reasons and ways to comment? 🙂



  1. Hey mate,

    Thanks for quoting me. Honored instead!

    Actually, if you want to leave a comment…make sure you leave quality one. It doesn’t need to be long and short is fine. However, make sure you leave quality one instead of the hi-bye rule.

    Great write indeed.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yeah, you are right through Blog commenting it’s very easy to build the relationships. People are become more and more closer to each other.

  2. Nice informative article. Commenting on other reputed blogs do drive traffic but receiving good comments also motivate the blogger to write more new informative article. Its like oxygen to both the writer and the reader.
    Happy blogging !!

    1. Author

      Yes. You are right. Whenever I receive a comment, I am always happy to know the feedback people give. It motivates me to write new interesting articles too.

      Happy Blogging
      Have a nice day! 🙂

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  4. Hye mate!! nice posting there! Yes, this is my first time reading reflective opinion as a reader.. indeed, I really want a good and quality comment JUST LIKE YOU’VE mentioned.. and I’m also new in this blogging world… Hope you can visit my blg some other time hehe~

  5. When I initially commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each time
    a comment is added I get several emails with the same comment.
    Is there any way you can remove people from that service? Many thanks!

    1. Author

      Sorry, I’m not able to find any option right now. Don’t you have any unsubscribe button in the e-mail?
      Or please let me know if you know any way to do it. I’m on WordPress.
      Please use the contact form for further conversation.

      Have A Nice Day!

        1. Author

          Hi. I think to make the readers to click on your article you need to have a really attractive headline. You can read this to know how you can write attractive headlines.

          And to make people comment on your post. You need awesome content. You can read this and this to learn to write great content on your blog.

          Thanks For Visiting
          Have a nice day.

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  7. I have read a few of the articles on your website now, and I really like your style of blogging. I added it to my favorites blog site list and will be checking back soon. Please check out my site as well and let me know what you think.

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  9. I think asking questions in your comments is also a good idea, so that you can further develop the topic. Also, replying to other people’s comments can be good, especially if you can offer them another relevant blog post to check out & learn from.

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  11. While it’s nice to get a backlink from commenting on other blogs, it’s not why I do it.

    I much prefer commenting on other blogs to form trust and friendship with another blogger or other bloggers.

    If comments are moderated, which I find most are (which is a good thing) a good quality comment can lead to good things, such as traffic and reputation.

  12. Thanks for a most helpful post with specific information about traffic generation. My wife has blogged for years but we just started a new one called “Our Eyes Upon Missouri” to showcase the things we love about our new home at the Lake of the Ozarks.
    I need to have a very fast learning curve about how blogging and traffic and your blog will be my new best resource.

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