Step By Step Guide On How To Start A Successful Blog

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How To Start A Successful Blog

So, you want a blog, right? But, do you know how to start your own blog which would be loved by people? If not, you are at the right place. Today, I’m gonna teach how to start a successful blog, Step By Step. So, let us get started.

Step 1 : Select The Niche That You Love –

First of all let me explain you what is a niche. Niche is kind of a subject on which your blog is focused. For Example, you are having a blog about different food recipes. So, your blog’s niche is gonna be Food & Recipes.
Now, you should always select the niche that you love because, that is gonna be your passion and you are gonna love to write on something you are passionate about, right? So, let us say that you love to learn and write on Android Phones & Apps. You can write tons of posts on Android Phones and Apps. Just because you love to know more and more about it. That means, that you would have a lot of information about it, which you can write on your blog. This is why one should select the niche he loves. If you do so, you are never gonna get bored with blogging. You’re gonna love it.

Step 2 : Choose A Good Domain & A Hosting Service –

Choose a good domain and a domain the makes sense. For example, My nickname is Chatty and I love to post, so I select my domain to be Chatty Post. But, you can select any name for your blog. Some people like to select there name as there domain. For example, And some people like to select there name according to there niche. For example, Micheal Dunlop has a blog on the niche, blogging and make money online. So, his domain is which is easy to remember and pretty much makes sense. So, you should select short and sweet domain. Hosting service is a service that gives you space to store your blog/website’s files online. Once you have chosen a domain make sure you choose a good hosting service which is fast and has a lot of space according to your blog. If you are planning to upload videos on your blog too. Then, you would need space according to that. You can try out GoDaddy, it is a good one.

If You Want A Free Blog :

If you don’t want to spend money on hosting and domain name then you can also start a blog for free. Just head over to or

Make a free account and follow Step 3

Step 3 : Select A Blogging Platform –

Now, there are tons of blogging platforms. WordPress and Google Blogger are the most popular ones. You can start your blog on any of these. I personally like WordPress because it has many plugins and themes to improve your website. Google Blogger is kind of limited. But, it is totally up to you on what you choose. Whatever you choose, just choose a good one.

Step 4 : Select A Clean Design –

Blogging design is very important. Because your blog should look good and should be easy to navigate. So, that people don’t get confused once they come on your home page. Don’t choose too jazzy style, just keep it simple and clean. Also, make sure that it is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly. So, that search engines don’t find it difficult to index your blog. You should also have, a search bar on your blog so, that no one finds it difficult to search on your blog.

Step 5 : Install Relevant Plugins –

You should install all the relevant plugins on your blog. So, that your blog doesn’t miss any feature that other great blogs are having. Some of the important plugins that your blog should have are listed below. These are the WordPress Plugins because I use WordPress, Don’t know much about Google Blogger Plugins –

1. W3 Total Cache – To speed up your website
2. Sharebar – To help your visitors to share easily
3. Yoast SEO Plugin – Helps in SEO
4. Antispam Bee – No Spam Comments
5. Lazy Load – Loads Images as the user scrolls. Therefore, fast website load time
6. – Optimize Images
7. Backup WordPress – Take a backup of your database
8 WP Lockdown – To change the link to your default admin login (So, that no one hack you)

Step 6 : Add Some Basic Things –

You have worked on your design and installed some important plugins. But, still you need to add other basic things like – About me page, Contact me page, Social media profiles and subscription form. Without that you blog is still empty. By adding all these things people would be able to connect you and know you and you’ll be able to get some fans & followers. So, make sure you add those things.

Step 7 : Know What Is Going Hot In Your Niche –

You should always know about the latest thing going in your niche. So, that you can keep your audience up to date and keep you blog latest. You can know what is going hot in your industry by browsing other blogs in your niche and commenting and participating there. You can also join different forums of your niche. This would not only help you in knowing what is latest in your niche but it would also help you in learning the different blogging styles. You would know what people are loving and they would also get to know you.

Step 8 : Write Your First Post –

After you have a niche of your choice with the best design and analyzed what is going hot and what people are liking, now you need to write your first blog post. Write it just like you are just having the last opportunity to show the best of yours because if people are not gonna love it, they are not gonna come back ever. So, you need to write the best of best and make sure you have a subscription form and social media sharing and following buttons. So, that the visitor who loved your content can follow you and share your great content with his friends, so that you receive some more great visitors.

So, What topic are you starting a blog on? Comment Below!


  1. Hi Chatty,

    Well said! A few simple tips can change your blogging life quickly. Start off on the right foot to reap the greatest returns in the long run.


  2. Hey Chatty,
    Nice post. A handy guide for beginners. It’s good to see that you are writing something for newbie. Now-a-days most of the bloggers write about advanced topic. Keep it coming.

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