How To Increase Blog Traffic With Google Plus

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How To Increase Blog Traffic With Google Plus

Google Plus is increasing day by day. It is just two years old and is at no. 2 in total registered users after Facebook. So, you see there are too many people to listen you there. But, how do you get these people to listen you on Google Plus? Well, it’s not like people are gonna add you as soon as you join it. But, there are a lot of opportunities to promote your content on Google Plus. Even if you just joined a yesterday or even if you are still thinking to join it. So, how to boost your blog traffic with Google Plus? That is exactly what i’m gonna tell you today. You might be getting a lot of traffic without Google Plus, but you are losing a lot of traffic without Google Plus or maybe you might be on Google Plus but you might not be knowing some extra ordinary techniques to drive more traffic from it. Anyways, you are gonna know every cool trick on how to increase blog traffic with Google Plus.

It’s the 3rd month since this blog‘s launch and I am able to increase a lot of traffic through Google Plus. I got about 250 visits in the first month of my blog. And it is the 3rd month now and I got more than that in just the first 5 days of this month. Google Plus contributed most of it. So, how do you do it. How to increase blog traffic with Google plus? I’m about to tell you that.

So, let’s get started.

How To Increase Blog Traffic With Google Plus??

First of all if you are not registered to Google Plus. Please do so. If you have a Google account you’ll be having a Google Plus account too. Once you are registered, what you have to do is add all your basic information like your profile picture, name and all. So, you don’t look like a spam account. After that, you would have to add your website too. And start following the people in your niche. Follow as many people as you like and also follow all the people who are popular in your niche even if you don’t like them. Also, add your friends and family members. Add more people you know and are in your niche but are not very popular. Now, you have many people in your circles. Some of them might add you back. But, the best part is that you can share your content with all the people in your circle even if they do not add you back. Seems cool, right? But, we are not gonna drive traffic that way, because you might be spamming people that way.

Now, you should have some cool content to share. Else no one would engage with your content and they would not visit your website. You can learn to write cool content here. Once you have some cool content to share. Don’t wait and just share it with your friends and family members. Because they know you they would +1 your stuff even if they don’t know what that is. It is just because they are your friends and family members and they love you.

But, you need to get more reach, you need more people to see your content, right? So, what do you do. Here is the first great technique that you would love. You are about to boost your blog’s traffic.
Remember, the popular people in your niche that you just followed when you started your account Google Plus? Yup. Now, it’s turn to steal their audience and bring them to your blog. “What… What… Chatty? What you just said I’m gonna get their audience to my blog?” Yup, that’s what I said. You are gonna get their audience to your blog.

First of all just go to a person’s profile who is popular in your niche. Make sure you are publishing the same kind of content that he is. Now, see his Google Plus posts. Yeah! a lot of +1s and shares, right? Now, what do you learn from these +1s and shares? Nothing? Well, there is a lot to learn from these +1s and shares. This means, that all the people who are +1ing and sharing his content would love your content too, because you both are in the same niche. This means, that if you share your content with these people, they are gonna visit you blog +1 your posts and maybe share it too. To do it all you need to do is, create a new circle and name it anything, let’s name it, “Random People”.


Now, you need to add all the people who are +1ing, commenting and sharing your idol’s post. And don’t just limit it to one of the person you are following. Go to each person’s profile who are popular in you niche and add all the people who are loving their content.

Now, after add all these random people, your next step is to create some really awesome content. After you have published it. Make sure you share it with the “Random People” circle. Now, you should notice increase in your engagements on Google+. Now, create another circle, let’s call it, “Blog Followers” and you are gonna add all the people from the “Random People”circle who loved your content, +1ed it and who shared and commented on it. These are the people who are loving your blog. Add all these people to “Blog Followers” circle and remove all others from “Random People” circle because all others might not be loving your content and maybe if you continue to share content with them, you might be spamming them because they are not interested in you. Continue to do this trick and you would increase a lot of blog visits.

Wait. It’s not all. There is something else on Google Plus that you can use to get more traffic. This Google Plus feature is called, “Communities”. There are different communities on Google Plus. These communities are of different things and some communities have a lot of members. So, let’s say that you are in Photography niche. All you got to do is click on the communities button and search for “Photography” or any other word related to your niche. Once you do that you are gonna get a lot of communities according to your keywords. Join all the communities that you think have the people who would like your content and post your content there. You can also scroll down to check, at what time people get more +1 and shares and you can publish on that time. Don’t just publish your own content. Also, engage with other’s content and +1 and share their content too.


You can join as many communities as you want. Now, you can add all the people who liked your content on the community to your “Blog Followers” circle, so that you can provide them regular updates. This way you would get large amount of traffic and also some of these people would add you back to their circle and you are gonna get more followers this way.


Add all the popular people in your niche to your circle.
Steal their audience and get them on your side.
Join more and more communities to increase your reach and followers.
Share your content on Google Plus regularly both on your profile and the communities you have joined.
Don’t just talk about yourself. Engage with other’s too.
Be active and share a lot of stuff with your followers, friends and family members
Share a lot but don’t share with the people who are not interested. Else, you might be spamming them.


Hope you loved this information 😀
Are there any other ways on “how to increase blog traffic with Google Plus?” If so, share it below via comments.


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