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How To Get More Interactions On Facebook [Infographic]


Facebook has over 1.11 billion users on it. And in this huge sea of users you are just one drop. So, how do you get some of these drops to come and listen and interact with what you got?
This is what I have to tell you today. Today, you would learn how to get more interactions on Facebook. Ready?

And this time, I have made an infographic for you guys to explain you. That means you don’t have to read a 1000 words long article. Just go through the infographic below. Also, give me you feedback about the infographic as it is my very first infographic.

Note : – The timing to post your update in this inforgraphic is the average best timing of all the pages. Please check your own page insights for the correct timing to post.

How To Get More Interactions On Facebook - Infographic




Try to attract more people by offering them something.
Add photos/videos to get more interaction.
Post between 1 PM to 4 PM to get more clicks.
Questions get 100% more comments (Forgot To Mention In The Infographic, I’m Sorry).
Always Know What Your Fans Want.
Never post when you previous posts are alive. (Getting Interactions)

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  1. Hey Chatty (Chaitu),

    Good Info-graphics, I liked the way of putting the efforts on generating great info.

    I’m pleased and impressed to try out infographics taking you as an inspiration.

    Keep up the good work.

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