2 Mistakes 90% Of Bloggers Make

Right Content

There are about 164 million blogs on the internet but only a handful of them standout. But, why? Why are those blogs popular when you are also producing great content and trying to promote it? Sometimes you also think that you have better content than them but still people would not care. And you just don’t know why which would drive you crazy and one day you would just quit blogging thinking that it is not your kinda job. R.I.P.

The thing is that you are not doing stuff the right way.

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How I Got Top Influencers To Follow Me On Twitter

How-To-Get-Top-Influencers-To-Follow-You-On-TwitterWell, I guess that each one of us use Twitter, now a days. If you don’t, join it right now, you might be missing a lot. Now, for those of you how have already joined Twitter and are using it everyday, trying to grow their followers, let me ask you one simple question –

“How many social media influencers follow you?”

If your answer is “NONE!”, you are at the right place. Because today I am going to show you the exact thing I did to get top social media influencers including Aaron Lee, Ted Rubin, John Lee Dumas & Adam Connell to follow me on Twitter. And some of these are also in Forbes Top 50 Social Media Influencers Of 2013. But, why do they follow me? Because I’m so cool? Probably. But, I really don’t know.

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35 Experts Reveal Their Top 3 Tools To Increase Blog Traffic



How to increase blog traffic? It is just a daily routine question. All the newbie bloggers and struggling bloggers are just asking this question over and over. Everyone is reading different strategies to increase blog traffic. Some even buy online courses to do so. But, no matter how much traffic you have, you are still gonna ask “How to increase blog traffic?” because everyone needs more of it. Now, each newbie blogger would like to ask every expert blogger that what tools they use to increase blog traffic. Don’t worry you don’t need to ask any expert blogger this question because I suppose I have asked many expert bloggers this question and many of them replied back with their answers. The Question Asked Was – “What are the top 3 tools you use to increase your blog traffic?” [Read more…]

What Are Infographics & Why You Need Them [Infographic]

So, everyone now a days is using an infographic on his blog. But, What Are Infographics? 

Infographics is a way to display image in a visual & presentable manner. An infographic includes charts, diagrams, etc and also statistics to make them even interesting.

So, now you have an idea of what are infographics. But, the next question is why do you need infographics? To explain that I have an infographic to show you. So, you get an idea of what an infographic looks like & also you know that why you need them on your blog. It helps in attracting a lot more visitors than a regular post. But why?

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Common Mistakes Of Bloggers On Social Media

common mistakes of bloggers on social media

All the bloggers out there are on social media to promote their blogs. But, are you sure that you are not making any kind of mistake in your social media promotion by which you might not be getting the kind of traffic you should be getting? Well, make sure that you are not making these common mistakes of bloggers. [Read more…]