hiFella – Social Network Made In India



hiFella is a social networking service which is made in India by Chatty (me :D) who is 17 years old.

hiFella is launched on 5th January 2015. Yes, it is pretty new and is just a new born social network right now.

But, the cool part is that it is not just another social network and has many cool features. The best thing is that through hiFella you can manage both your private and public lives but without mixing both the lives… like you don’t mix them in your real life.

hiFella : New Private Social Network



Is this new social network what everyone was waiting for? It is called hiFella. As the name says, it is built to stay connected with your close Fellas (meaning friends).  But, how is it different from other social medias like Facebook which are already popular for connecting with your friends?

This social network is much different from other social networks in many different ways. The core functionality is the same to add friends and share updates with them but it has some other features like ‘Update Feed Full Of Recent Updates‘. Once you start to use this, you would see that you would not get unusual things like ‘John Liked A Photo’ or ‘John Made 3 New Friends’ or stuff like someone likes your 5 years old photo and it bumps at the top of the feed (which is technically not an update). Your update feed is always containing only and only updates from your good close friends and family. As of now the feed is ad free and you would not get any ads in between the updates.

You can sort your updates in the following categories –

All – To see updates from your friends and the updates that you have posted
Friends Only – To see updates only from your friends excluding your updates
My Likes – The updates you have previously liked are all stored here
Mentions – The updates in which you are mentioned are all stored here

Rather then just posting updates you can also start a new conversation with your friends by @mentioning them and then changing the post privacy level to ‘@mentioned only’ so that the post is only shared with the people who are mentioned in the post.

This social network has some really cool privacy features. You can be totally invisible from the website search, you can remove the ‘add as friend’ button, you can prevent non-friends from viewing your profile and updates.

This social media has recently launched an android app too which you can download here if you are an android user.

Click Here To Visit hiFella

Click Here To Download The Android App

Follow Me On hiFella Here —–> Chatty On hiFella

Oh.. and I forgot to mention that I have created this social networking site myself. Hope you like it :D

Thanks for reading.


P.S. –> hiFella has got updated by some new features which you can read here & Under the what’s new section here

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